About Me


I’m Clyde Laster - photographer, photojournalist, storyteller, car enthusiast and foodie. I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years, and a proud Navy photojournalist for 12 years. I firmly believe God put me on this earth to serve Him through storytelling, and it’s my goal in life to always capture that one incredible moment.

I met my wonderful wife, Arielle, in 2019 and finally asked her out on New Year’s Day 2020. On our second date I asked her to marry me and she actually said yes! We set out right away planning our “dream wedding” and then COVID… We got married in our now living room, with 10 close friends, and everyday, whatever comes our way, we choose love. She keeps me grounded, handles our business and all the paperwork I can't bring myself to do, and is my number one supporter.

I'm a simple man, and when I'm in story mode, not much else matters. I'm all about the opportunity to capture something that could be a once in a lifetime moment. I love traveling and being in nature. There's no place like Yellowstone for me.

I look forward to working with you to tell your story and document your memories so that you’ll have something incredible to hold on to for all time. 

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